© 2019 Art of Sidonie

 I have always been drawn to fantasy and the natural world. I'm endlessly inspired by shamanism, animism, animals, the paranormal and occult, ancient civilizations, and the natural world.  I spend my time enjoying board games, gardening, hiking, writing, and creating lots of art of course. Born in Stirling Scotland, Celtic and Gaelic lore has been very influential to me. I love to travel and adventure, and many cultures around the world have inspired my life and my art.

As a child I spent nearly all my time in nature or watching television programs on the Discovery channel and National Geographic, learning everything I could about the natural world. I intended on becoming an animal biologist. However, after years of drawing animals and their habitat, I realized that my strength was in the arts rather than the science of it all. I've never looked back – I know it as my path.

In school, I took every fine art and digital media class available. Upon graduation, I moved to the big city and my first real job was at an art supplies and framing store. Three years working there opened my eyes to all the possible mediums and applications. It also offered constant socialization with local artists, teachers, students, and other employees who specialized in different artistic fields. Through the store, I participated in the annual Main street art show "the Drift", where I made my first sale! 

Between working, life drawing, and visiting other local art shows and galleries, I spent my time in the city toiling over a portfolio. I had always intended to go to art school, because that is what artist's do isn't it? Well, I was accepted into an art university, but at the last minute I changed my mind. Everything I had learned about the industry in the time leading up to that moment only helped to confirm that my artistic journey led it's own path. After everything, much to my eventual humour, we moved back to coastal BC.  I now work full time as a Freelance Digital Illustrator out of the Sunshine Coast, BC.  I plan on expanding my fine art portfolio and aspire to one day make a living from my original oil paintings.