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Can I share your artwork? / Can I use your artwork for personal use?

If you wish to share on Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/etc please use the 'Share' button on the deviantArt page of each image, or be sure to include a link back to the original. Sharing my work with others is much appreciated!

You don't need to ask permission to use my artwork as your personal phone or computer desktop background, of course you can!

If you intend on doing anything else with my artwork, please send me a message explaining exactly what you wish to use it for (unless the piece states it is free to use). If the piece is a commission(which most of my gallery is), permission from the commissioner is also necessary.  I usually do not allow people to use my artwork on roleplay forums to be used as characters. If you intend to do so, you must contact me and ask permission first.  


Can I trace, redraw, copy your artwork?

I don't mind if you use my work as a reference, however that does not mean you can copy it exactly. Poses, style, anatomy, etc is not protected under copyright, and I don't mind if you reference my work for that purpose. Do keep in mind that is not the best way to learn. The most effective way to learn and have your own style, in my opinion, is to reference from nature. 

I may allow you to outline trace my work, so long as due credit is provided and you link to the original. You MAY NOT sell or profit in any way, real currency or virtual currency, from anything in my gallery. You may not trace commissions, as that is now the property of a second party. Please send me a message asking which piece in particular you wish to use, and exactly how you will use it.

What materials do you use for your digital work?

I use a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS6

Do you take requests/trades?

Sorry, I don't have enough time to do requests any longer. I do not usually take on trades, but you can ask. I will sometimes do trades with friends or with artists I really like (bare in mind it is only fair if we are a similar level of artist)


If you approach me about the trade, I will expect you to do your piece first, as if I approach you, I will be happy to do my half first.

How do I commission you?

I only open commissions every few months, and offer limited slots. I only take commissions 'first come first serve' in response to my deviantArt and FA journals. I feel this is the most fair way, as I have too many commission requests to be able to do. When I know the date and time I will be be opening commissions, I post a journal letting everyone know. If you would like one, you must show up at the time specified and claim one by commenting on the 'Commissions open' journal. No reservations, please only contact me about commissions to ask questions or for a quote.


➣  If you are not a member of deviantArt or FA, you may use the contact form here to inquire about commissions.  I may make time for commercial projects or traditional art commissions.

I commissioned you, when will I receive the piece?

Anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. I take between 5 and 10 commissions at a time. I work on commissions generally in the order they are paid for(of course if I get sudden inspiration to do one I won't hold back). If you are the first on the list I will likely have it done very quickly, as this is my full time job. Likewise, if there are 9 people ahead of you, it may be several weeks before I get to yours. Please keep in mind I am a human being and artwork is not something to be rushed. I assure you I am working as quickly as I can. My philosophy is quality over quantity, so please realize it will be much better quality if you do not rush me! 

➣ I keep a To-Do list on my deviantArt profile updated daily 

Once payment is made and you see that I'm working on your piece(there are progress bars for each one) you may at any point request a preview on my progress. I will send you the sketch/rough draft when I begin, and if it is a big piece I will send previews along the way as well.


For traditional pieces the time varies greatly, and I will include a rough timeline for you before payment is made. If you have a specific deadline, please do what you can to give me enough time prior, but I will work to the best of my abilities to get it done by the deadline. Oil paintings take the longest, because each layer of paint needs to dry for 1+ weeks, and it will need to dry thoroughly for at least a month once it's finished. Also note that depending on where in the world you live, it may take a few weeks to get to you. For smaller paintings and other traditional art, please give me two months notice.  For most oil paintings, three to four months is preferred.  Very large pieces will need even more time.

Are there any restrictions to what you will draw?

I do not draw mature/adult artwork. Artistic nudity may be accepted depending on content.  Moderate blood and violence may be accepted in the case of fantasy pieces such as comic covers, monsters, video game themed pieces, etc. I usually will not draw strict fanart, but themed pieces are usually fine. 

Example: I will draw your custom made video game characters (ie. Khajiits, argonians, worgens, etc). I will not draw Mickey Mouse or Pikachu, unless express written consent is acquired from the copyright holder (your responsibility, see Terms). 

As far as what subjects and environments I will draw, I will try anything you throw at me! Just be advised I have more experience with wildlife and fantasy art and less with humans, machinery, vehicles, etc. But I'll give it my best go!

How do you paint Fur?

My most oft asked question, I am working on recreating some more tutorials and videos to better explain my process.


I find that layering multiple tones using brushes in varying opacity, brush size, and strengths works best. Start by layering the basics and work to the fine details. Have lots of patience, there is no 'easy-way'! 
My advice to you is to study and life-draw real live animals, study videos and photos of wildlife, there's TONS of tutorials on dA!
I've made a few tutorials to help to explain the way I render images:

 ➣  Check out my Resources folder for Tutorials, Free to use items, etc. 
 ➣  Check out my Youtube for Process Videos.

How did you learn to draw?

This is too broad a question to simply answer, but I get quite a lot of questions about it. Ever since I was very young I watched endless hours of National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc and sat down and tried to draw all the animals I learned about. I had a massive collection of animal movies, magazines, books, and textbooks which I referenced. I used to create biomes with examples of an entire ecosystem of made-up creatures. Sometimes I started drawing the skeleton, then the muscles, then the flesh/fur. Anatomy books and drawing books are fantastic and I highly recommend you get a collection of them. My biggest advice for beginners is to get a resource pool of references, in all different genres, and draw anything and everything relentlessly. I definitely recommend starting out with a pencil and paper, and once you are comfortable with that, begin moving to digital or painting. And of course now there are endless amounts of tutorials readily available on websites such as deviantArt and YouTube! I also urge you to try every art medium you can get your paws on, seriously. Even if you think you're no good at sculpture, try and you will gain experience from it. Experiment, practice, and don't give up!

Will you help me with my artwork?

I can't do this for everyone, but I am working on putting more tutorials up, and if you would like a specific tutorial I would be glad to try my best at helping you out! I will occasionally do redlines or critique, send me a message!

Do you have any credentials?

I am self taught in all aspects of art, however I do have a lot of experience. In school I took every art course available, and was graced with a fantastic teacher who did not really teach me as much as gave me all the resources I needed and encouraged me to explore the arts however I chose. I worked at a large art supply store for three years where I learned and researched every medium we had available. I was the fine arts aficionado there and answered questions for all the students and university teachers alike.

I had intended to go on to art school, and I was accepted to an art university, but circumstances at the time plus the subjects they were offering swayed me otherwise. Education is invaluable, but it wasn't what I wanted out of the industry.


How do you pronounce 'Sidonie' / Where did you get the name from?


I pronounce it 'Sih-Doe-Nee' with a hard 'D' sound.


Listen to it Here


The name came from a vampire novel I read when I was thirteen, 'A Terrible Beauty' by Nancy Baker. At the time I really related with the character, and I do still love the character and the book.