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Commission Process


↠ Once you have secured a commission slot and sent payment, I will send you a sketch or rough draft.

The timeframe for when I start your commission depends on where you are on my commission queue.  

I generally work on items in the order they were paid for in.

Sketches may be created on paper, digitally, or both.

Some elements (such as backgrounds if applicable) may be very rough at this stage, just to quickly show you the concept and composition.

This is the time to give feedback on poses, composition, or anatomy.

↠ Next I generally send an image showing base colours.  

↠ Lastly, I send you the high resolution file for your personal use, and a resized and watermarked image you may display online

↠ For smaller items like icons and badges, I'll send you a rough draft with base colours to make sure you like the expression and I have the right idea about the character design


↠ I always make a rough draft/sketch for traditional artwork as well. 

It may be on paper or digitally drawn, or both. 

(I often make a digital sketch if the image is complex, as it's easier for me to play with sizing and composition)

↠ Once I have some base layers down, I'll send you another preview

Paintings tend to look pretty rough at this stage 

↠ When it's all coming together well, I'll send you another preview. 

You should have a good idea of what the painting will be like by now

↠ Lastly, I'll send you the final image and if you're happy with everything then I'll either post it, or if it's an oil painting - allow it to dry thoroughly for at least a month, then varnish it and allow it to dry thoroughly, then post it :)