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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

↠ 1. It is the responsibility of the Client to provide a detailed reference of what they would like, or a detailed written explanation.  If a large mistake is made due to poor communication, the commission will not be refunded or largely altered unless further compensation is provided.  If a mistake is made that is the Artist's fault, such as not reading correctly, alterations will be free of charge.

Note that the Artist will not accept a commission that would infringe the copyright of any third party.  ie. Fanart.  A character commission proposal must be copyright to the Client, or they must provide express written permission from the copyright holder.  Giftart purchased for others is fine!  No characters from video games, movies, etc unless the copyright holder says it's okay!  If you want a trademarked character drawn, it is your responsibility to get the written permission before the Commission can be considered.  Themed pieces or original characters created from video game, television, and book races or lore are fine.  

Example:  I will draw your Khajiit, Argonian, D&D character, WoW character, etc.  I will not draw Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, etc unless you get written permission.  If you're not sure, just ask!

↠ 2. Base prices are determined on the average work, if the commission idea is more detailed, complex, or large in size, the price quote may raise.  

↠ 3. Price is determined before the commission is started.  The Client confirms their acceptance of the price when the invoice is paid. Extra charges will never be added once the invoice is paid, unless discussed and agreed upon by both parties.  For example, if the client wishes to make major changes or add additional characters.


↠ 4.  Payment must be made up front for any work $100 and under.  Payment plans are available for more expensive pieces.  The Client must pay at least a 50% deposit before the commission is started.  The client will not receive the final piece until the full price is paid.


↠ 5.  The Client has the right at any time to request a preview of the piece once payment is made, within reasonable parameters.  If the Client wishes any large alterations, they must point them out in the sketch or first two rough phases (unless they are willing to compensate for the extra time).

Small pieces like badges or poses get one sketch revision, large illustrations get two


↠ 6.  Refunds can only be done before the piece is complete.  If the artist is half way through the piece(and show's evidence of this), the Client will be refunded 50 % of the payment, etc.


↠ 7. The Artist retains the right to display the finished watermarked piece in any personal gallery and use it in any promotional imagery.


↠ 8. The Client may display the finished watermarked piece on any personal gallery or website so long as the watermark or copyright is still visible.  ie.  Credit is given to the Artist.  The Client may also make headshots, avatars, signatures, etc from the work.

When posting the work online in galleries or websites, the Client may not post the high resolution/un-watermarked version, as this makes it easy for third parties to steal and even profit off the work.

The Client may post the same version as is posted on DeviantArt.


↠ 9. If the Client wishes to own the copyright to the piece, such as in the case with Commercial work or graphic art for websites, additional charges or royalties may apply, and is to be written up in contract before payment is made.


↠ 10. The Artist retains the right to sell prints of the finished piece.  If the Client wishes that the Artist does not sell prints, an additional one-time charge of $20 (USD) will be added to the invoice.

Digital poses, icons, badges, and reference sheets are not sold as prints, but fully detailed illustrations with backgrounds may be sold as prints. Typically only wildlife or generic characters would be used as prints.


↠ 11. The Client may NOT sell/resell prints or reproductions of their piece in any way, they are for personal use only.  Physical paintings in traditional media or custom character designs are the exception, and may be sold to new owners at any time, of course. 


↠ 12. Customs/Taxes/Tariffs on Traditional Artwork:  Should the Client find they owe additional charges due to their countries Import laws, the Client is responsible to pay them.  

NOTE:  If the Client is unhappy with the quality of work they receive, they may dispute it.  The Artist must provide a piece equal to the quality of work displayed in their gallery of the same value.  If the finished product appears rushed or less polished than other pieces of the same value, the Artist must rework until the quality is consistent.  A work may only be disputed up to 30 days after the piece has been completed, as the quality of artwork continuously rises.  

ie. A piece will not be edited six months after completion simply because the Artist has improved (unless the Client wishes to compensate for the extra time).


↠ 13. By paying the invoice, the Client affirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms.

* So far I have never been charged duties even on the highest value items going around the world to places like Australia, UK, etc.  If you are worried, tell me what you would like and where it will be going and I will check your countries import laws with my local Post Office.